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Due to the pandemic, we have had our four young adults home quarantining with us for a month. Three of them are avocado fans. It’s not like I ever fed them an avocado before they left home. Our vegan daughter in particular eats everything with avocados and makes an awesome Guacamole. Breakfast is not complete without avocado on a bagel.

Avocados are a trendier super food, and are an au courant fruit.  They are high in monounsaturated fats – the good kind of fat, and provide  more protein and fiber than any fruit I can think of. Because they provide fat and fiber but are relatively low in carbohydrates for the amount of fat they provide, they make us feel full longer, which is a good thing.  Avocados contain manganese, phosphorous, iron, potassium, vitamin E, vitamin C, Beta-carotene, thiamin, and riboflavin.

A drawback to avocados, is that they contain FODMAPs, which some people cannot tolerate, and may irritate those with irritable bowel syndrome. Wikipedia tells me that “FODMAP is an acronym for “Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols”. They are short chain carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed in the small intestine.” That sounds a bit sketchy to me.

You can be allergic to avocados, and it has been noted that if you have a latex allergy, it may be more likely for you to be allergic to them.  They are pretty high in calories, so if you are on a low calorie diet, you can’t assume avocados will work.

Avocados in my stores are shipped in from Mexico, so I can’t exactly call them locally grown, or part of my hundred mile diet.  They are available now fresh, and I can buy them frozen/sliced too. There have still been lots of avocados in stock in our grocery store during this pandemic as the trucks are still running them in from Mexico. It’s just been difficult estimating the number of avocados to buy on our weekly pandemic shopping run in order to keep up with the demand in our house. We have trouble keeping the right amount of avocados in stock while keeping them from going bad.

Avocados are definitely an acquired taste,- they are fairly bland, with an odd texture.

The really good thing about Avocados, is that they contain a number of anti-oxidant compounds. They contain oleic acid (which we also get from olives) and the antioxidants Persenones A and B.. Oleic acid and Persenones A and B are supposed to reduce inflammation and have beneficial effects on cancer. Avocados also contain Zeaxanthin and lutein which are good for your eyes.  Another anti-oxidant, glutathione is good for our livers, while xanthophyll is supposed to decrease signs of aging.

All of these healthy properties may explain why avocados have become so popular.  Avocados on toast are an easy and satisfying breakfast item, whether fresh frozen or from Starbucks. 

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In the United States, you can order your own Avocado Tree from They also offer avocado care kits.

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