Super Food

Those carbs

I think some people are meat eaters, some are vegans, some have sweet tooths (teeth?), but I am a lover of bland white foods with salt, sauces and gravy.  Now I’m not claiming that these carbohydrates are superfoods, not all of them anyway.  I’m talking about potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, oats.  These carbohydrate rich foods have naturally been linked to weight gain, and big bellies.

However, if we can switch out the processed or refined foods for unrefined grains, then we should be improving our diets.  A study at Tufts University linked people who consumed 3 or more servings of whole grains (wheat, quinoa, brown rice and oats) to a 10% reduction in belly fat over people who ate the same number of calories from those white – processed carbohydrates (white bread, white rice, pasta).  The theory is that the unrefined grains are healthier and higher fiber than the refined grains, but is it also possible that those people may have other lifestyle factors?  I’m sure there will be more published on this topic.


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